Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where I Belong...

This past weekend I made a quick trip down to the beloved city of Cedar for a really good friend's farewell. Ryken Winston Harris. He is going to be an amazing missionary and I am so proud of him. And although that is great, that's not the point of this post... and it's going to be a long post of loves that most people probably won't love... you were warned.
Being in Provo and away for the summer I forget the little things like how it feels to pull up Cove Drive to a place that I have lived in my whole life and where ALL my memories where made. I forget how pretty that red rock can look. I forget how nice it is to get to where I'm going in 5 minutes. I forget that simplicity is sometimes the best thing. I forget how much I love to see familiar faces everywhere I go.
Mostly, I forget how much I love to drive on a dirt road, smell fresh cut alfalfa mixed with a few other choice smells, walk down the lane to see my dad, looking a tad older than I remember working in the hot sun but none the less doing something that he loves. I love to wear my jeep boots that the only place they get to go is the farm. I love to pick a long weed and continue to tie it in a knot over and over again while I talk with my dad about a certain heifer/steer or the feed on the mountain. I love to get assigned the task to move the sheep to another pen. I love the satisfaction of hauling a bail off hay and then procedding to cut the bailing twine with another piece of twine (you city folk won't understand I'm sure ;) I love coming home hot, sweaty, rolling up my pants, walking in the house to a family that loves everything I just said, if not more. I love the country life.
It's been really good for me to be away and realize how much I truly do miss it. I feel like it is where I belong. I want it to always be a part of my life, so therefore I need to marry a smokin hot cowboy that will work our land, teach my kids the importance of hard work, and most of all love me just as much as his lifestyle.
Something else I have been missing is getting drug by a 1400lb animal, having my foot stepped on several times til my big toe nail is nice and bruised, and having steer snot and drool slimed from my shoulder to my knee. Typical things to miss don't ya think?
Grand and Reserve Champion Steers 2010
*creepy thing about these pictures is that I found them on google... just by searching my name.
Every summer I would go to at least 2 stock shows and then end with one in September. This has been my first summer to not have a steer to break, rinse, and fit everyday. Okay if we're being honest I never did it everyday... back in those days I didn't think it was quite as fun as I do now. But also honestly, I miss it. really bad.
Here in just a few weeks I will be returning to our tiny, boring Cedar City. But I will tell you I am excited! Until then I will continue to horrify my roommates with farm stories and educate their little city brains :) I think a rodeo is fitting don't ya think? I making them go with me to Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork. If they are normal I'm sure they won't mind seeing a few wrangler butts and in the words of Mom Margo, it will "drive them nuts!"

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confession. Declaration. Affirmation.

I have always made fun of those girls who get so wrapped up in silly, time wasting reality shows such as:
Well, I am a hypocrit. I take it all back. I have recently just been introduced to how wildly addicting this show can be. I will say that I always feel guilty after watching it because really? It's not one bit realistic or probably healthy to look at relationships like this but for some reason I always look forward to Mondays... and no, not because of FHE... How pathetic is that? I blame it on Christi Lynn Brazee.
Okay, now that I have cleared the air I can admit my real confession.
I want to kiss this. really. bad.
Why you may ask? Well, that is a fabulous question. I'm not usally attracted to bald men... however Christi and I decided it's his eyebrows that give him his permanent puppy dog look. Whew! She better pick him or she's an idiot. He is the real deal. The big kahuna. The love of her life. Her happily ever after- hahaha oh reality tv so easy to be so cheesy.
But seriously, he's a man.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Remember the Hot Tub?

Well, my house is as hot as it. I'm not kidding. I can't even be in it 5 minutes without wanting to faint. It is skin melting.
Okay.... I'll admit the last part was a little much. But our air conditioning has not worked in our apt for about a week. Well, we live on the third floor. And to make it that much better I sleep on the top bunk. Remember learning in science how heat rises? This is not a hypothesis folks. This is real life. It's true.
To make it a little better our land lords gave each apt 2 box fans. Isn't that nice? I truly am grateful... sorta... okay I just really wish they would fix the dumb air.
Alright, thanks for letting me complain for a minute. I'm embarrassed to admit it probably won't be the last of it... the complaining and the hot air I mean.
To Christi: I apologize, I'll try to stop having hot fits in the middle of the night and freaking out. no promises.
Yogurtland to take off the edge? Yes please!
I just returned from a lovely trip to the best city in the world, festival city usa! ... and an air conditioned house....
I love cheap rent!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Round 2. Let's Try This Again

Blogophobia. (noun). The fear that your blog with look pathetic and ugly compared to the many creative, professional bloggers of the world and many that you stock.

Hey everyone (the two people that read my blog), I am sorry for the leave of absence from updating you on my simple, boring life that I'm sure no one really cares about. I have come down with a serious case of blogophobia. I hear that the best way to tackle it is to simply accept the fact that your blog might not be able to compete but however it will serve as a good journal. So that is my plan! I am in the first stages of the recovery so I'm crossing my fingers I can pull through this time.

Well I have officially been living in Provo, Utah for 1 month and 8 days. I love living with the one and only Christi Lynn Brazee! A few of our daily activities include visiting the best self serve FroYo place in the world- YogurtLand, attempting to get our fat bottoms in shape at the local Golds (attempting could be a good word since our first workout we almost passed out. literally.), wasting our lives watching the Bachelorette (Who hates Bently? Shout out if you love JP!) on our ancent television that quote from our other roomie Aubrey, "is so cool it has it's own ears". To explain, it really does have flaps on the side for venilation I'm guessing? Built in the 70's? I think so. We also love to bask in warm summer sun in the "fish bowl", also known as our pool because all the apartments face in so you are on display. it's lovely. We like to attempt to get in the hot tub and even watch movies in it but the temp is literally skin melting. The maximum time you can sit is like 5 min.

Our ward is awesome! I am a relief society teacher and today was actually my first time giving the lesson. I was scared out of my mind! But, it went really well. I also love our roomie Aubrey Winn. She is from Oregon and is possibly the funniest most blunt person I know. We all get along great.

As far as job title goes I am a "professional" in customer support at Vivint aka APX alarms. So basically I get paid to sit there and have onery, mean people yell at me all day. But hey it's a job! They also have a cafe there that we get free food at, it is soooo delicious! So the benefits aren't too shabby, who doesn't like free food?

I miss my little Cedar City alot. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I feel like I have two lives... but as for now I am loving the Provo life! It was a good decision to spontaneously move.

Well, that should be a good start for my first attack at this horrible thing called Blogophobia. Just a little something to leave you with, try not to laugh, I dare you. It's a RG 341 fav.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

6 Girls in 1 Tiny Apartment

All I have to say is that it does strange things to the hormones. I am all sorts of messed up. I randomly start crying... or can't control my laughter. I feel extermely irritated or crazy excited. It is a Rollercoaster here is apartment 50! My current request would just be a little consistancy maybe? A little regulation to this madness! Is that too much to ask?

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Swamp Donkeys

"It's fightin back those butterflies

It's call it in the air, alright yes sir we want the ball

And it's knocking heads and talking trash

It's slingin mud and dirt and grass

It's I got your number, I got your back, when your backs against the wall

You mess with one man, you got us all

The boys (and girls) of fall."

Flag Football. Need I say more? For some girls this would be a waste of time or a dumb passion but not for this girl! I absolutely LOVE flag football. I love putting on those flags, warmin up your hands to catch a pass or intercept, getting just a little bit nervous which is totally pathetic, catching the ball when you thought it was completely out of reach, deflecting the incoming pass, and of course giving the good ole "Swamp Donkey's" cheer. (I had nothing to do with the team name) I am playing on a intermural team with my brother and all his friends. So I guess I'm considered the little sister of the group.. They all watch over me and cheer me on, it's pretty cute. Plus Nick is the sweetest brother, he never acts like "oh great my little sister..." It's been so fun to get closer and have things in common. Plus not to mention we rock! We have a pretty good team so that makes it fun for those competitive souls such as mine. I'm sure I'll be posting again when we sweep the whole league in the championships ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just found this: Love! Can't wait for General Conference :)